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Meet 'Meadowside' for Lewis and Irene

A few minutes walk away from our house, next to the riverside are a collection of adjoining fields. Here you can see the rolling hills of the countryside despite being in the city and in this place the farmer always plants corn. Whatever the season, we regularly walk our dog here. It's a place of calm where the corn whispers alongside the sound of the water rushing down stream and where birds can be found hiding in the many hedgerows. My favourite time of year to walk here is in the beginning of Autumn, just before the corn is cut. The colours of the fields are at their most splendid, with shades of yellows varying to rusty oranges. The hedgerows are dotted with small purple flowers and branches laden with berry jewels.

Each fabric in this collection is inspired by something from the meadow and has it's own story. The narrative woven throughout the collection is a journey taken...

'The meadow calls to me.

Some days softly, others urgently.

She calls me in all her beauty, sounds within the silence.

The whisper of corn brushing against my shins, pathways twisting and turning, creating mazes underfoot. The way unknown yet so familiar. A day steeped in drowsiness, hazy and faded around the edges. Small blooms sun drenched and muted. Stray ears of corn entwined amongst the flowers and grass as they faintly tickle outstretched fingers. No new buds, seeds awaiting spring or hungry birds. The long Summer days now past, the crisp chill of Autumn hovering within reach. The hedgerow trees alive. Birds disturbed from their solitude.

I follow the call. A tired wanderer savouring the silence.

Beyond the grass field, the landscape unknown. Pathways walked a thousand times.

I know the way now.

The meadow calls, inviting.'

Meadowside by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

The first fabric I'd like to introduce you to is 'Bird by Bird'. This one comes in a pretty 'Ecru Pink,' 'Mustard' and 'Deep Plum'. The colours are so sumptuous, and the jewel tones really pop on the fabric alongside the more subtle dusky purples and pale ecru pinks. The hero print of the collection, I was inspired by old pressed flower books and Victorian flower albums. The delicate corn woven between the grasses suggests movement as the birds gather berries while the bounty is still plentiful.

Meadowside by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

Probably my favourite design of the collection, 'Small Seeds' is one of my secondary supporting fabrics for the range. Playfully drawn in a linear style, I love the movement of the flying birds as the moths flit around them. It comes in 'Dusty Linen,' 'Mustard Yellow' and 'Rusty Orange'. The pale dusky purple of the 'Dusty Linen' is really pretty in real life and I can envision many beautiful dresses and cushions made up in these designs.

Meadowside by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

Pretty moths flit between the ears of corn and sprigs of grass. Seeds catch on the crisp breeze and get dispersed to start the life cycle again. 'Grassfield Gathering' is a subtle nod to the changing of the seasons. This co-ordinate is available in 'Light Ecru Pink,' 'Light Deep Purple Taupe' and 'Mauve Taupe'.

Meadowside by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

Delicate birds gather corn and sprigs for nests and lunch, preparing for the colder days ahead. 'Meadow Call' encapsulates the natural instinct of the animals interacting with their habitat around them. Available in 'Cream,' a very pretty 'Lavender' and 'Wine'.

Meadowside by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

Finally my last fabric in the collection is called 'Seeds of Solitude'. This little blender adds the perfect balance to the collection. The 'Antique Gold,' 'Light Purple Taupe' and 'Wine' add a pop of colour to the project. I can see these designs being used as bag linings or they would be perfect quilt border or binding fabrics.

Meadowside by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

I hope you enjoyed meeting each each of the designs. I can't wait to see what everyone makes with this collection. Please tag me in any photos on Facebook and Instagram. Designs will be available in shops from the end of October 2022. Happy sewing!


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