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You awake to an unknown sound.

You’re drawn to the sea.

You tread a familiar path,

wind rustles through the trees.


Sand beneath your toes is cold,

gritty and damp from the tide.

The soft sea mist reaches you.

The moon glistens as your guide.


The expanse laughs joyously,

all grey no longer blue.

What was that noise you heard?

Was it a siren calling you?


The waves continue to whisper,

the water strokes your feet.

You take a small step forward

not wanting to retreat.


Was that the flick of a tail

or a trick of your eye?

Reflected in the water

is more than the nights sky.

Look a little closer,

see the crab in its shell.

Sea foam silvery in the moonlight.

Seaweed swaying in the swell.

Is that a figure you observe

frolicking in the deep?

A child of the sea,

your spellbound heart she must keep.


Does she sit upon a rock

and embrace the watery moon?

Hands held high

singing a bewitching, beguiling tune.


Do the whales bow to her?

The jellyfish dance to beat?

Seahorses enchanted

in the depth of the gloomy deep?


The tempest wakes you.

Time to retrace your trail.

You hurry home,

leaving behind the captivating, enchanted veil.

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