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'Arctic Adventure' Quilt by Sally Ablett

I was in the middle of sketching of a polar bear when my little boy climbed up on the chair behind me and said 'oooo Mummy, I love that bear!' From that moment I knew this collection was going to be commandeered by him. Every day since, Rory has asked me when he can have a 'big boy' quilt made for his bed from 'his fabrics' and anyone with small children knows that long waits at such a young age are hard. Luckily we had the amazing Sally Ablett on board to keep us occupied with choosing a quilt design for the collection and after much deliberating you can guess who had the final vote! We hope you love it as much as Rory does!!

Arctic Adventure quilt by Sally Ablett for Cassandra Connolly

Measuring 64" x 64", this quilt fits beautifully on a single bed (or to make a den from if you're a small child.) Made up using three different blocks, the alternating flying geese blocks and interlocking crosses balance the design really well. Sally has used a plain white for the background fabric, but you could also use a texture or possibly a pale grey to create a different look. We opted for the white to create a modern vibe and to highlight the white of the arctic animals.

Arctic Adventure Quilt by Sally Ablett for Cassandra Connolly

The design has a lovely overall balance due to the small amounts of contrasting navy. The use of 'Haring Around' on 'Arctic' as a binding draws your eye back in to the other turquoise hues to give a cohesive feel. To complete the look we had this long arm quilted with swirling patterns.

If you'd like to make this stunning quilt for yourself (or as a gift for a friend,) simply follow the link or head over to the 'PROJECTS' page. Please tag me in any photos on Facebook and Instagram using #CassandraConnolly or @cass_connolly. Enjoy! Happy Sewing.


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