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'The Water Gardens' for Lewis and Irene

The Water Gardens by Cassandra Connolly

I am beyond excited to announce my eighth fabric collection 'The Water Gardens' in collaboration with Lewis and Irene will be available from July 2024. Inspired by a recent trip to Paris, I was fortunate to be able to spend some time meandering through some of the most beautiful gardens I've ever encountered. While this collection isn't solely based on any one particular garden that I visited, it is an amalgamation of all the beauty I managed to soak up and reimagined for you in my own imaginary ornamental garden. I hope you enjoy the journey with me and that this peaceful collection will inspire many tranquil hours of sewing and crafting.

The Water Gardens by Cassandra Connolly

Featuring mysterious dragonflies, delicate vines, tumbling ginkgo leaves, and graceful lilies in a soft, cool palette of blues, greens and neutral elements, this collection is a beautiful end to the Summer season and beginning to Autumn projects.

The Water Gardens by Cassandra Connolly

When writing the story for this collection. I wanted you to experience The Water Gardens through a different perspective. My poem takes you on a journey with the dragonfly as your guide.

Through tangled vines and delicate flowers,

gliding through the leafy bowers.

Around the corner, hidden from sight,

I follow the dragonfly with childish delight.

Emerging briefly to alight low.

Dipping beneath the evening glow.

As ornamental ponds come into view,

the water coolly glistens blue.

Along a pathway overgrown,

the way to only her is known.

Soaring past where lilies sleep,

eddies swirl near currents deep.

Here she pauses, watching, waiting.

Light moves with the water, oscillating.

Heart shaped ginkgo leaves pirouette.

Cascading, relaxed in etiquette.

Dodging leaves in dance and play,

she moves quickly from their way.

Weaving through rushes, a silent game.

A water spirit no one can tame.

Flitting about with no respite,

then racing off into the night.

Leaving me tranquil and serene.

To admire the water garden scene.

The Water Gardens by Cassandra Connolly

You can find ‘The Water Gardens’ in all good fabric shops from July 2024. For a sneak preview of the full collection just click HERE.

The Water Gardens by Cassandra Connolly


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