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Free Spring Floral Embroidery Pattern

This is my favourite time of year. I love the in between seasons where the long sprawling days of Summer haven't quite arrived or where you start hoarding quilts to keep cosy throughout Winter as the days draw in. This particular part of the year is the part I love the most though. Days are starting to lengthen and it almost feels like Spring is on it's way. There is something so hopeful about Spring. The birds are starting to cheep and tweet to each other and everything feels as if it's starting to wake from slumber. Small buds start to appear on trees with the promise of blooms and new growth pushes its way up from the cold ground. The days start to get that little bit warmer, the light a bit brighter, so that when you look out of the window and stand inside with the heating on you can almost feel those warm rays of Summer sunshine wash over you. Until you step outside and it's still freezing!

Free floral embroidery pattern

For those of you still unwilling to venture out in to the cold and want to hang on to those cosy feels I have the perfect project for you. My simple floral embroidery is a lovely mini project that will only take you a few hours, which is perfect while we still don't have a lot of light in the evenings.

Free spring floral embroidery pattern

This design should fit into a 10cm (4 inch embroidery hoop) but you can scale it up or down to fit your requirements. I used mostly satin stitches to fill in the larger areas, adding a back stitch around the main flowers to neaten the edged. The dot details are all french knots as is the detail of the main flower. The brighter blue flowers are comprised of lazy daisy stitches.

Free spring floral embroidery pattern

I hope you have as much fun making this as I did. Please remember designs are for personal use only and NOT for resale. Designs are Copyright Cassandra Connolly ltd.

Free Embroidery Floral
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