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Free Floral Banner Design

Cassandra Connolly Flower Banner

Outside of work, I didn't really get much time for my own personal art practice, but this year I decided to change that and make a conscious effort to give myself time to dabble in painting. While I'm not the next Turner or Constable, I've really been enjoying playing with Acryla-gouache. Acryla-gouache is a hybrid of acrylic paint and gouache. It is opaque, which means you can layer colours and it dries with a velvety-matt finish. I've loved teaming this medium with 350gsm watercolour paper as it instantly soaks up the pigment leaving a luxurious feel to the image. I wanted to have a play with using these paints on fabric to see if they gave the same result, so I bought a little banner from my local craft shop to test it out on. I really like how the fabric acts in a similar way to the watercolour paper, soaking up the pigment. Although I did notice the paint required a couple more layers than usual, perhaps due to the porosity of the fabric. I'm excited to continue to play with this medium again in the future and can't wait to share the results with you.

From my fabric banner I created this floral image download for you to replicate this design using paints on fabric, or even embroidery. I hope you have as much fun as I did creating this.

Free Floral Banner or Embroidery
Download PDF • 463KB


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