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‘ Sound of the Sea’ for Lewis and Irene

Sound of the Sea by Cassandra Connolly fir Lewis and Irene

I have been waiting to announce this for soooo long, so without further ado my third collaboration with Lewis and Irene ‘Sound of the Sea’ will be available in Spring 2023! One of my favourite collections to date, it is inspired by mermaid myths, enchanted sea creatures and of course, magic.

During my time at university, I focussed a lot of my design briefs on children’s design and I knew that I wanted my next range to be a more child orientated collection. Having a six year old daughter who loves princesses, unicorns and mermaids means I haven’t been short of inspiration and have loved researching mermaid tales and legends with her.

Sound of the Sea by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

Lots of the drawings and designs in the collection are from imagery I have taken over the years, including shells scavenged from our honeymoon in Sri Lanka, family visits to aquariums, safari parks and beaches. Each element represents a moment or time which is vey special to me, from Sri Lankan shells to cheeky crabs hiding within the patterns.

Sound of the Sea by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

Each fabric design in this collection represents a part of the poem I wrote to encapsulate the range. I hope it resonates with your inner mermaid as much as it did with mine.

You awake to an unknown sound.

You’re drawn to the sea.

You tread a familiar path,

wind rustles through the trees.

Sand beneath your toes is cold,

gritty and damp from the tide.

The soft sea mist reaches you.

The moon glistens as your guide.

The expanse laughs joyously,

all grey no longer blue.

What was that noise you heard?

Was it a siren calling you?

The waves continue to whisper,

the water strokes your feet.

You take a small step forward

not wanting to retreat.

Was that the flick of a tail

or a trick of your eye?

Reflected in the water

is more than the nights sky.

​Look a little closer,

see the crab in its shell.

Sea foam silvery in the moonlight.

Seaweed swaying in the swell.

Is that a figure you observe

frolicking in the deep?

A child of the sea,

your spellbound heart she must keep.

Does she sit upon a rock

and embrace the watery moon?

Hands held high

singing a bewitching, beguiling tune.

Do the whales bow to her?

The jellyfish dance to beat?

Seahorses enchanted

in the depth of the gloomy deep?

The tempest wakes you.

Time to retrace your trail.

You hurry home,

leaving behind the captivating, enchanted veil.

Sound of the Sea by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

You can find ‘Sound of the Sea’ in all good fabric shops from Spring 2023. For a sneak preview of the full collection just click HERE.


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