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Meet ' Heart of Summer' for Lewis and Irene

I thought I'd introduce you to each of my fabrics so that you can get to know them and their story a little better. But first, a little about the collection as a whole. One of my biggest inspirations is poetry which is often threaded through out my ranges. I've tried to encapsulate the magic of nostalgia in this collection through a combination of poetry, sweet vintage inspired colour palettes and elements that remind me of my childhood. I wanted to recreate a magical moment in time, a memory of warm summer days sitting in the fields where I grew up, whiling away the hours like only the innocence of youth can. I hope this re-awakens your own memories. Let me take your hand and walk through the meadow with you.

'Daydreaming of Summer days past. Soft beams of warm sunlight and the sweet fragrance of petals playing on the breeze call me further into my musings.

Stolen minutes watching butterflies twirling, flitting and fluttering, dancing amongst the floral gathering to their Summer song.

The magical moment broken. Delighted laughter fills the air as children frolic amongst the wildflowers of the sweet meadow.

Here I sit and time moves around me, shifting shades of memory that live with me in the now.'

Heart of Summer by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

First up, I'd like to introduce you to my hero print 'Floral Gathering.' While a late comer to my collection (she was the last fabric I designed, when typically the hero print is the first you create) it doesn't mean that I love her any less. She replaced a linear floral which I was never happy with. I'm so glad I took the time to redesign her because she brings the whole collection together and makes it shine. 'Floral Gathering' comes in 'White,' 'Duck Egg Blue,' and 'Dark Hyacinth Blue;' colours which make me think of pretty summers days and sun bleached florals.

Heart of Summer by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

Meet 'Butterfly Dance.' While she isn't centre stage of my fabric collection, she is a girl who stole a whole lot of my heart. The first pattern I EVER put together in Adobe Illustrator, I love this design so much that I even painted it as a feature onto one of the walls in my daughters bedroom. She's available in 'Blush Pink,' 'Lilac Grey,' and 'Buttercup Yellow.'

Heart of Summer for Lewis and Irene by Cassandra Connolly

The second ‘Secondary’ print from ‘Heart of Summer,' is called ‘Sweet Meadow.’ This delicate floral is one of my favourite fabrics in the collection. I love florals and when I’m designing or photographing projects, my daughter always refers to my work as ‘flower’ work. So this one’s for my gorgeous girl, a sweet little floral that comes in ‘White,’ ‘Duck Egg’ and ‘Dark Hyacinth Blue.’

Sweet Meadow from Heart of Summer by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

Say hello to my cheeky little co-ordinate ‘Petal Play.’ While not the busiest or the loudest, she’s a sweet reminder to calm down, sit quietly and be pulled into your day dreams. She’s available in ‘White,’ ‘Light Blush Pink,’ and ‘Purple.’

Petal Play from Heart of Summer by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

Last but by no means least meet ‘Scattered Seeds.’ She's the blender in my collection and can be found in ‘Blush Pink,’ ‘Dark Duck Egg Blue,’ and ‘Mustard.’ When I’m designing blenders I like to use accent colours to make the rest of the designs pop and make the collection feel that little bit more cohesive. The white seeds make the collection feel light and don’t dominate the other prints, but work to bring it all together. These prints are delicate, like little pieces of poetry.

Heart of Summer fabrics by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I hope you enjoyed learning a little about each of the designs. I can't wait to see what everyone makes with these. Please tag me in any photos on Facebook and Instagram.


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