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'Meadowside' for Lewis and Irene

Meadowside by Cassandra Connolly for Lewis and Irene

I am super excited to announce my second collaboration with Lewis and Irene fabrics! I can't wait to share the entire collection with you, but until then, here's a little peek at my latest Autumn collection.

'Meadowside' is inspired by a journey. An ending and a beginning happening simultaneously. A turning of the seasons; the in-between days where Summer has gone, but the day's aren't yet cool enough for Autumn to have really set in. The kind of days where the low sun lulls you into thinking it's warm enough to leave the house without bundling yourself up in a scarf and coat. We've all walked the meadow. Somewhere within is the vestiges of memory, drowsy days where we cling to the sunshine, yet also wish to embrace the golden leaves of Autumn. This juxtaposition pulls at us but we know we must keep moving forward as life keeps going on.

'The meadow calls to me.

Some days softly, others urgently.

She calls me in all her beauty, sounds within the silence.

The whisper of corn brushing against my shins, pathways twisting and turning, creating mazes underfoot. The way unknown yet so familiar. A day steeped in drowsiness, hazy and faded around the edges. Small blooms sun drenched and muted. Stray ears of corn entwined amongst the flowers and grass as they faintly tickle outstretched fingers. No new buds, seeds awaiting spring or hungry birds. The long Summer days now past, the crisp chill of Autumn hovering within reach. The hedgerow trees alive. Birds disturbed from their solitude.

I follow the call. A tired wanderer savouring the silence.

Beyond the grass field, the landscape unknown. Pathways walked a thousand times.

I know the way now.

The meadow calls, inviting.'

In all good fabric shops Autumn 2022. For a sneak preview head to the Lewis and Irene website.

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