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Sewing Street with John Scott 25/03/2022

I was extremely lucky to be invited onto Sewing Street to talk about my latest collection 'Heart of Summer' for Lewis and Irene. This was not something I'd ever done previously and was immensely nervous before and throughout the interview. An introvert at heart, it felt strange talking about myself in front of both television cameras and people I'd never met before. It felt even more strange knowing that there were no re-takes and it was going out live!

When I arrived at the studio John Scott the presenter met me at the entrance and gave me a lovely warm welcome. The set was much smaller than I imagined from watching the show at home, but being smaller gave it a more intimate, friendly feeling. After a quick tour of the building, John introduced me to the other guests and left me to settle in while they prepared for the Early Bird special. I'd bought with me the 'Heart of Summer' quilt designed by Sally Ablett and a child's dress made from a McCalls pattern M5793. Lucy the floor manager took these to display while I waited in the 'Green Room' and got to know the other guests. All too soon Lucy came back through to take me on to the set.

Cassandra Connolly Sewing Street

Despite my nerves, I had the BEST time! John was so friendly and put me completely at ease. I was very lucky to have some really lovely comments messaged in which helped enormously with my nerves. We chatted about many different topics, including my inspiration for the collection, how I discovered and taught myself fabric design, childhood memories and the 'Heart of Summer' Quilt designed by Sally Ablett.

I feel extremely privileged to share my passion and inspiration with everyone and would absolutely love to go back on the show in the future. I was so, so humbled by the response when I got home and saw that my inbox had been flooded with kind messages. I read and responded to every single one with such gratitude in my heart.

Heart of Summer by Cassandra Connolly Sewing Street

You can view the interview again on Youtube or on the Sewing Street website. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch.


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