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Daydreaming of Summer days past. Soft beams of warm sunlight and the sweet fragrance of petals playing on the breeze call me further into my musings. 

Stolen minutes watching butterflies twirling, flitting and fluttering, dancing amongst the floral gathering to their Summer song. 

The magical moment broken. Delighted laughter fills the air as children frolic amongst the wildflowers of the sweet meadow. 

Here I sit and time moves around me, shifting shades of memory that live with me in the now. 

Heart of Summer-Floral Gathering-White
Heart of Summer-Floral Gathering-Duck Egg Blue
Heart of Summer-Floral Gathering-Dark Hyacinth Blue
Heart of Summer-Butterfly Dance-Blush Pink
Heart of Summer-Butterfly Dance-Buttercup Yellow
Heart of Summer-Butterfly Dance-Lilac Grey
Heart of Summer-Sweet Meadow-White
Heart of Summer-Sweet Meadow-Duck Egg Blue
Heart of Summer-Sweet Meadow-Dark Hyacinth Blue
Heart of Summer- Petal Play-White
Heart of Summer- Petal Play-Light Blush Pink
Heart of Summer- Petal Play-Purple
Heart of Summer-Scattered Seeds-Blush Pink
Heart of Summer-Scattered Seeds-Dark Duck Egg Blue
Heart of Summer-Scattered Seeds-Mustard Yellow
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